How We Do Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing efforts focus on demand generation using Google search advertising, social media marketing and email marketing aimed at identifying the right prospects for your business.

Utilizing a data driven approach we create a multichannel plan that aligns with your business goals.

Our digital marketing strategy is broken down into 3 distinct areas which are composed of separate operational elements.

Our 3 Step Process: Creation, Execution, Results

  • Conceptualise

  • Plan

  • Design and Create

  • Update

  • Upload

  • Deliver

  • Analytics

  • Evaluation

  • Corrective Measures

  • Re-implementation

Each client project is unique, with its own unique advantages and challenges. The 3 steps in our digital marketing process ensure that with each implementation we test, measure and learn from each activity, adjusting the process as we implement to ensure optimal results for our clients.

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